Setting Up My Station

One of the questions I am always asked by people when discussing school is, “Why cooking?”

Sometimes it is hard to explain. I didn’t enter with the desire to become a top Canadian chef, or open my own restaurant that receives mega reviews, or even end up on the Food Network. Cooking was something that I could imagine myself doing for my entire working life so I threw myself into it.

After completing my first year I can honestly say it was one of my best decisions. My home meals usually consisted of ground beef and prepackaged potatoes; cheap and easy. Now I find myself looking to different types of meats and cuts, while trying to appetizingly plate food for my family.


Pictured above and as the background are a couple of plates I set up for a menu planning assignment I had. My goal is to continue to post pictures like these on Fridays and Sundays of items I’ve cooked up, and the process and struggles of bringing them together. Additionally on Wednesdays I would like to discuss things I have learned about cooking that I never knew before.


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