Part Of The Competition

During the summer my college joined in hosting the Sysco Slice competition. The event had many local chefs compete from I think just the Durham and Kawartha regions, and did a whole Chopped themed competition. Luckily for my classmates and I, we were asked if we wanted to volunteer to help the chefs out and gain some experience. So of course most of the class said yes, but on the event day only five of us ended up coming and it was great.

To start, I don’t have cable. We haven’t had it in the house for a few years so when we were told it was liked Chopped I had a blank expression. From what I understand, the differences were many but what we did do the same was each chef had to use all the required ingredients per course and then could add additional items, they had a certain time frame to complete it, and each round someone would be eliminated. And that ends the similarities.


So for two days, I was a nervous first-year assisting some of the contestants on their meals. It was nerve wracking and fun at the same time, you never knew what your chef was going to come up with. At one point some of the required items were bologna and dehydrated hash brown mix, while another was peanut butter and jelly.

During the event I helped make custard, whipped cream, battered fish, make a dumpling mush from cauliflower, cut up vegetables, make chocolate-beet whoopee pies, plate food, and eat tonnes of delicious creations. There was so much good food that I can’t pick just one favourite, there was the chocolate-beet whoopee pies, then the spicy sausage meatballs with cheese filling, and of course the winning peanut butter and jelly bread pudding.

All the chefs did such an amazing job that my friends and I came away quite inspired. I know right now I am still trying to gain skills and memorize important facts, but when you work with competition winning chefs you can’t help but look ahead into your future and hope you can someday be as amazing as them.


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