Munching Down On Parmesan

I love going through Professional Cooking For Canadian Chefs. I find so many different interesting recipes that I want to try and reattempt with their version and this time I decided to try chicken breast parmesan. I have previously made a Weight Watcher’s version but never an actual proper recipe, and not that WWs isn’t proper, but it’s low fat. Bleh.

Anyways, to start with I assembled the flour with salt and pepper then a separate bowl for the milk, egg, and parmesan. Afterwards I went between the task of making clarified butter and pounding the chicken flat. Clarifying I’ve already done quite a few times in class, but chicken flattening not so much.

On my cutting board I set up a piece of chicken and covered it with parchment paper thinking it would help protect the chicken from the cheap plastic mallet I purchased from Metro. After about 4-5 hits I noticed the spikes were mutilating the paper and the breast. It looked odd. The breast was massacred at parts even though it was technically flattening. So the next piece I gave up on the paper and used the edge of the mallet so the spikes wouldn’t hurt the meat. Well it worked. Yet later on when I decided maybe there was an easier technique I found this video which actually gave me good tips for next time.

My next move was to begin boiling water while pan frying each side of the chicken until it was a nice golden brown. With the first flip of the pieces I was pleased to find an appealing texture of golden cheese on chicken. I then decided to continue cooking in the oven like a small blurb on the recipe suggested while I tidied up and started the spaghetti and sauce.

After 15 minutes in the oven everything was ready for plating. My family and I found the recipe quite yummy. The mixture of the breading with cheese was delicious, and we found that the chicken was tender and moist.


It wasn’t exactly a hard recipe to try considering the week before I had cooked an entire turkey dinner (minus the burnt dressing), and before that pies, but it was still good practice for something I had not made before. Next time I would definitely follow the advice from the video I found on flattening the breast, yet continue finishing it off in the oven since it made for spare time for additional items to be prepared.


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