Dining Out Constantly

This summer we finally celebrated our honeymoon and went to Disney World for a week with a free meal plan. I’ve never been on a vacation so long without a kitchen, and by kitchen I mean a propane cooker at a campsite. So I was pretty enthused about being able to try new foods everyday with our table service meals

Since my husband likes buffets I made reservations for a few. 1900 Park Fare, Hollywood & Vine, and Akershush. To my surprise, the first two I was displeased with and thankful we had the free meal plan. Both buffets seemed very similar. At Park Fare the string beans had way too much salt in it, and Hollywood the option of desserts were basically vanilla and the size of a sample cup. I felt the fee you’re paying for is that Park Fare is character dining, and Hollywood is available because you couldn’t get into the Brown Derby.

Now Akershush was pretty good for what I had. You order an entree and help yourself to appetizers. Since it was Norwegian cuisine I tried different types of cheese, salads and meats, but very little since I was excited for my meal; Traditional Kjøttkake. When the meal came I tried a bit of everything first. Norwegian meatball, mash potatoes, vegetables and lingonberry sauce. On its own the sauce wasn’t my thing, but mixing a bit with the potatoes was actually quite tasty.

For the rest of our table service meals we had plain sit down and order meals. We checked out Tony’s and The Plaza Restaurant. Both were excellent but my favourite had to be the Plaza. Great food, excellent milkshakes, and a nice view apart from the huge fence currently obstructing some of the view. For our quick service meals we checked a couple of places but regularly ate at our resort for breakfast or lunch.

Now even with all the good food available I really started to miss home food after a few days. It can be tiring dining out every meal with children screaming or people having extremely loud conversations next to you. And sometimes you want to say, “I want chicken pot pie, stuffing and mash potatoes.” But you can’t since they have chicken and fries.

So it makes me wonder, even if a restaurant makes really good food could I stand to eat there every night? Could you?


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