Dressing Up Food For Halloween

Has anyone else noticed those little cookbooks that come out around the start of October? They’re usually bright and coloured with pictures of Halloween symbols and images of food donned with Halloween decor. As a kid I loved them. I would get one every year or so and look at all the pictures of food I wanted to make.
Occasionally I did try a few. Simple things like a cupcake or a cookie batter that is shaped into something creepy. I had never tried anything very intimidating, like the cake pops decorated into mummies and witches.

Recently I looked through the books and wasn’t that impressed. It had nothing to do with poor recipes, but they just didn’t seem as special or tough anymore.

Before starting school I didn’t even try them because they seemed like they would be impossible for me to make, now I know they may take time for me to perfect but they aren’t something impossible. The whole purpose of the books is so anyone can follow along and make their own version of the recipe. Just about anything can be turned into something spooky, like perhaps making tortilla chips with herbs and vegetables to colour them black and orange and then adding guacamole for a dip.

Well I hope you have a great Halloween and make an excellent dish to eat!


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