Cold Weather Calls For Soup

Chicken noodle soup to be exact. With just about everyone getting sick and the cold weather setting in soup was the perfect thing to make on this chilly Sunday.

I have previously made soup in class so it wasn’t so intimidating to take on this recipe, but my major concern was the chicken flaking up in the stock and becoming little bits instead of nice square chunks.

To begin I decided to take on the vegetable version since just chicken and noodles seemed a bit boring and too much like cheap Campbell’s cans. Also, I didn’t need six litres and reduced the recipe down just to two, which made the grocery shopping a little easier to deal with.

The recipe called for the carrots and celery to be simmered in the stock till tender, so I decided to give it a nice appearance. For the carrots I made thin slices then punched out floral shapes for a little flair. I realize this reduces the yield of a carrot quite a bit, but I suppose if you’re visiting a nice restaurant they may do the same to make their recipe stand out. As for the celery I just small diced, too many odd shapes would make the batch look weird.

So while those simmered I boiled the noodles. Again I changed it a little. The recipes said egg noodle but I like bow ties. Bow ties are cool. Additionally another worry was the noodles being too soggy, so to stop this from happening I only boiled the batch for five minutes, just slightly soft with a noticeable crunch.

As the noodles cooled under cold water and the vegetables simmered, I diced up 100 grams of chicken breast that had been cooked the previous night and chilled in the fridge. I was surprised how nice the pieces looked. A sharp blade and cold meat really does make it easier to get the shapes you want compared to warm meat.

By now the vegetables were softened and the noodles were ready. So into the pot everything went.

While everything returned to a simmer I quickly tidied up and tasted the batch, then made my husband taste it because I wasn’t sure my taste buds were completely back. Well they were and it tasted great. Having the noodles firm when they went in was great because by now they had further softened up but not to a mush, and the chicken remained in tidy pieces.

Chicken Noodle Soup

As you can see in the picture the two different shaped items (carrots and noodles) gave the bowl a nice decorative look while you can barely see the chicken and celery through the stock. Next time I may add a couple of more vegetable types like peas and onions, but the only thing I would definitely change is to have crackers at the ready.


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