Turkey: Hate or Love it?

It might sound like an odd question considering our ovens are jammed with these fat birds at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but hear me out.

I do a lot of thinking on the Go bus. I spend many hours on it and you can only see the same house so many times before you regularly zone out. Today while I was thinking about what I’d write I started thinking about turkey. We eat it at Thanksgiving and at the end of the meal say, “Oof. I don’t want to see turkey again till Christmas.” Or people complain that they have so many turkey dinners to attend to because of family.

Now my thought is if you love something you want to eat it as many times as possible. For me it’s chocolate, for my husband McDonalds. And eat it we do. So why do we, North America, claim to love turkey so much if all we end up doing is complaining about it at the end of the meal?

Is it the bird itself we do not enjoy, the tradition we’ve brought upon our own families, or perhaps we hate ourselves for packing it in like we do the turkey ?

Well there is my food thought of Wednesday. I personally enjoy turkey but can’t imagine eating it any other time other than the occasional hot sandwich at family restaurants.


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