Executing A Lobster

Well I knew the time would come, but it seems to have come too soon. Next week in my lab we will all be taking on the task of killing a lobster.

I can’t say I am looking forward to it. When we dismantled the sheep and the pig they were already dead, I didn’t do the killing so it was easier to distance myself from the creature that still had a face. Now the crustacean will still be alive and we have a choice of two methods to do the deed.

One is to drop it into a pot of boiling water, the second is to use my knife at the back of its head. We’ve been told the knife method is the most humane so that is the way I’ll go about it but I am extremely nervous. I know as I place it on my cutting board it isn’t going to look at me tearfully and beg for its life, but it is still alive and I feel a little uncomfortable.

Welp, I guess it is something I am just going to have to get over. If I ever work in a nice kitchen that serves fresh lobster it is something I am going to have to get over, might as well learn it now in school where we are all fresh to the experience.

As for cooking lobster, this isn’t my first time.

Last term we were in groups for lab and lobster tail was one of the recipes a pair had to make. Chef said we wouldn’t actually be doing it, but the product came in so I requested to cook them as well as the recipe I was assigned. So my partner and I looked up a recipe and quickly made it along with fish and chips and it came out looking nice.

lobstertail lobstertail1

I’d fanned open the tails and since we didn’t have any little cups we had poured melted butter over the meat. We also learned that we should’ve opened the tail wider so the potential customer could see what they’ve purchased for meat even better. I’m not a fan but the rest of the class seemed to enjoy picking it apart.

Well anyways, I am counting down to lobster day, wish me luck!


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