Moving Forward

It has been months!
I’ve been mulling over what to post or when to post but nothing seemed that entertaining. Well over the time I’ve gathered a handful of skills and pictures to tell you about.

1- I became the pastry chef at the Bier Markt.

Their desserts are all made from scratch so I got to learn so many new recipes. To start, I had made dozens and dozens of litres of anglais mix. Out of that mix I made brulees, vanilla anglais, and coffee anglais.
Additionally there was waffles, gluten free chocolate cake, and cinnamon donuts.

2- As the pastry chef my inIMG_20151107_101526put was used often for different items; like if there was a dessert platter, or what to do for dessert samples.

During certain times I was even asked to bring in my own recipe to complete things.



3- New Years Eve was fun!

There was a special menu for New Years and my job was to get the desserts ready. From the photos above you can see Earl Gray cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, zabaglione, and corn bread. Of course the corn bread was for a roast beer dinner.

4- I’ve been practicing cake decorating.

Over the past few months I’ve been practicing some decorating. This cake above I did recently. Vanilla with strawberry mousse filling. I’ve done some cupcakes, but never a whole cake and feel quite proud how well it turned out.

5- I want to become a professional pastry chef.

While working at the Bier Markt I decided I want to pursue my career in this direction and have been looking out for jobs in just baking. Turns out it’s not so easy. I’d like to go back to school but it is going to be a bit impossible for the next while, so instead I am trying to learn at home, and hopefully take some classes on decorating.

Wish me luck!



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