Icing On The Cake

Cupcake to be exact.

Out of school I went straight to work. For a while it was a blast and really some great experiences, but the thing about school was I always was learning something new. With Wimpy’s the menuĀ never changes, and for what it is that’s good, but you don’t take on any new challenges.

So back in April I decided I wanted to learn some new techniques. I’ve never been the best baker, but with school I’ve improved, additionally my icing ability was terrible! I am one of those people who would ice and end up with crumbs all over the place. At the time I didn’t care, but obviously now I do.

Back to April! I took up a Wilton unit kit, level 1.

Going through the kit I began to study cake decorating so that it may someday be handy for a few positions I am in. To start off, it teaches about the different firmness of icing and what stiffness you need for certain techniques. Currently my kit and supplies are packed away or I would go into more depth of what the items are called.

But I’ve got to say it was a really nifty lesson. If you have both the unit box and booklet (they come separately), you can learn about how to position your hands properly for the design you’re going for. Also in the box comes stencils to practice shapes on, such as leaves, dots, and stars. You simply squeeze onto the clear plastic then wipe away when done. It was extremely useful and fun to take up.

With things getting crazy, and the projects a little expensive, I haven’t been able to get through the whole book yet. Once settled I would like to give it a go once more, and possibly purchase the second unit. Who knows when I’ll need this skill but I’d rather have it in my portfolio than not try at all.

Out of all I did I only ended up with one photo. At the time I wasn’t even thinking about showing anyone but I hope you enjoy my first attempt at getting better.

Cupcake Decorating