Honing My Skills

I apologize for how long it has taken me to return, my weeks have been very tiring.

To start, we moved to Mississauga without a hitch. Some thoughts I had on cities have changed, a little for the better and a lot for the worse. To start a tiny rant, I thought their transit system would run more smoothly, but in actuality it is more sporadic. Additionally, people either just push you out their way or say excuse me after half finished pushing you aside alreadt. The good has been the view from my apartment, how quick taxis arrive, and the ability to find a job.

For work, I am now garde manger at the Bier Markt on Queensway. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be offered the job considering I do not have a lot of experience, but they were very understanding of my enthusiasm to improve and took me on anyway. So far I have worked seven in a row and believe I am already improving to some extent. Wimpy’s helped give me the confidence to act without always second guessing myself, yet I do ask for help and advice when I am working on certain things.

The workplace is very free with their compliments to my work, such as plating the salads, but I sometimes worry that I seem to need frequent pats on the head. On the other hand, if my work was sloppy they wouldn’t hesitate to tell me since they want their guests to enjoy their meal, spread the good word, and return for more.

The team of people I work with in FOH and BOH are all very kind that I’ve seen so far. They are quick to introduce themselves and get my name, and say hello whenever we meet up that day. It really makes one feel part of the family. I feel very fortunate to be apart of the team.

Additionally there is more freedom than I expected. Yesterday I got to choose what fruit would be used to make the compote that accompanies the charcuterie board, and found out I could request different types of oysters to serve. To some that might not mean much, but to me I found it amazing.

As for the compote, I chose a peach mango mixture, with Stiegl Raddler reduced in the sauce. It is a fruity lager that helped compliment the sweetness of the fruit, but also give it a tasty kick. When I gave it a try I was actually tempted to grab another spoon for another bite. I hope the guests enjoy it along with their selection of meat and cheeses.

My further goals are to perfect my skills at my station. Today I made some mistakes during my prep by not getting some items done before service and having to quickly attempt to fix it during lunch, which in turn had my chef help and basically do the chore. I felt like an amateur but feel good now that I did not panic during the event and make it worse. I have another morning shift on Friday, so this time I plan to write down everything I need to do to keep up with service and complete it, then continue with the extras.

When I get a grip on my schedule I hope to go back to cake decorating. It’s not a cheap thing so I’ll have to wait until I get a full pay, but when I do I plan to make some pretty edibles.