The Wimpy’s Diner Experience

Till the day I received my job as a cook at Wimpy’s Diner, everything I did in the kitchen had been supervised. Now that might sound con straining, yet it was never like that. I went to culinary school to be looked over, to have my big mistakes corrected so that I could perfect my skills. Now finally in a restaurant as a cook I was free to put my teachings to use.

The first few days of my job were stressful for different reasons. The day I withdrew from school I began handing out my resume to every restaurant I could think of in Bowmanville. It was my ultimate goal that I would continue my education by working as a cook. Only a few hours after doing so I had an interview and schedule to start the next day with the understanding that I was being tested to see how I would work out.

With little sleep I returned to work to act on the breakfast shift. Using what I remembered from the breakfast class I had in my first year of school I dutifully worked, asked questions, and felt genuinely happy. It took a few days for me to ask my boss if I had the job and was humorously told that if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been asked to come back the second day.

And from there everything took off. Many things my chefs had taught me I brought out and used at work. Number one being that presentation was important, and would I want to eat it? Often I have had compliments from my kitchen mates and servers that the food looked delicious. I even have had compliments from guests through the server, and in person.

Other lessons have been hygiene and knowing how to keep the food in a risk free environment. Not that Wimpy’s has ever been dirty, but more of me personally keeping my shift safe. Meats cooked to the proper temperature, food stored at proper temperatures and recognizing when something has gone off when others haven’t.

Additionally, after telling my boss about the individual mousse cakes I had prepared in class, she asked me to bring some in to perhaps use in the restaurant. After bringing her three flavours (chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry) she fell in love and asked me to prepare them for service.

These past seven months have been absolutely amazing at helping me develop my strengths in the kitchen. I am now more confident, better at planning ahead, and have been told by my general manager that she loves that I don’t panic. At school I often felt intimidated by other students as they listed off their experiences in the kitchen where I had none. Now I can fully understand what they meant and have my own stories to tell.

I feel extremely motivated to climb the ranks in my career. Currently I am not even an apprentice, but with my husband and I moving off to Mississauga I hope to get into a kitchen that will help further my skills, and eventually return to school to finish my culinary management diploma.

With boxes beginning to pile up, and items being pulled from the cupboard, there hasn’t been much opportunity to tackle any extensive recipes. My future goal is to continue following the Wilton cake decorating class and become adept with icing. I believe each talent I add to my list will help further my culinary career and bring me to my biggest goal; running my own restaurant.

Well thanks for reading my current status, once we are settled in Mississauga I am going to begin posting about my creations, and hopefully that of a kitchen I am working in. Wish me luck!

**Edit** I forgot to mention, though I left in my second year I did apply for my one year certificate. Least I got something until I return!